Saturday, August 16, 2014

It is getting real at 21, 22, and 23 weeks!

You read that right.. 23 weeks!  Every time someone asks how far along I am and I tell them, I always get the response, "Wow, it is going so fast!"  It is true.  It is going fast.  Not only is it going fast, it is starting to get real.  Really real.  These past few weeks I have definitely started to look pregnant.  I can't get over the fast that my belly sticks out further than my.. ahem.. top area.  :)  Each time I try to wear a regular shirt I get quite frustrated because it doesn't fit like it used to.  I have officially transitioned to maternity scrubs.  But you know what?  It is all worth it.  I am loving it.

21 weeks

I had a little bit of a scare the Monday after I had my 20 week ultrasound.  I got a call that morning at 8am stating that I needed to have another ultrasound with my next appointment.  My heart suddenly sank and tears swelled up in my eyes.  What now?  I asked the girl on the phone why when I just had my 20 week ultrasound two days prior?  She not so nicely said, "Well, I don't know."  Oh gee. Thank you.  She said she would talk to the doctor and get back to me.  After a long 45 minutes at work, I received a phone call from my doctor stating that everything looked GREAT, they just didn't get as many pictures of the heart that they wanted.  Phew.  The next day I had another ultrasound and I was able to see my beautiful baby dancing around again.  I even got better pictures that are now proudly hanging on our refrigerator.  After they reviewed that ultrasound, I got another call stating that the heart looked wonderful too.  I am a happy mama. 

I am loving feeling baby kick inside of me.  It is truly a feeling that I can't describe and makes my heart melt every time I feel it.  I am looking forward to more forceful kicks and when Ryan can feel her kick as well.

 22 weeks

Baby Girl is getting quite the stockpile of goodies so far.  Her great grandma Evie even bought her a whole bag full of cute outfits and other goodies.  She also has a nice arsenal of diapers so far.  Her room is almost complete.  Two weekends ago I went crazy cleaning it from top to bottom.  I just need to go through it again with my new Dyson vacuum that I am a little excited about.  We need to put up the window valances and a few shelves and then I will share photos of her perfect little room.

Apparently the news of a baby coming has kicked our butts into gear at finishing updates in our home.  Baby's room was painted, we made custom shelving for the closet, added a radiant heater, and a friend of ours made a cabinet door to put over the electrical box.  In the downstairs bathroom we painted, put up new light and bathroom fixtures, new shower curtain, added a window valance, and got new hardware for the cabinets and drawers.  The guest bedroom was painted and rearranged.  We have almost finished putting new light fixtures throughout the house and adding new hardware for the cabinets in the kitchen.  Finally, Ryan is currently putting hardwood floor in our bedroom.  For the past week our bed has been in the living room.  Romantic. :)  Bottom line, I don't want to be doing any of this when the baby comes.  :)

I had an appointment last week that went great.  Baby is doing great and I got to hear her heartbeat again.  It brings tears to my eyes every time.  I don't think that sound will ever get old.  

23 weeks today and a trip to the Mall of America!  I did good, I think.  I only bought Baby Girl 4 outfits and a pair of jeggings.  :)  I got some more maternity tops and even crossed 6 Christmas gifts off the list!  I will be a little busy during Christmas shopping season, so I figured I would get a start on that now!  

Things have been going great and I could not be more thankful.  My work is even giving me more maternity leave than is required of them, which is greatly appreciated.  I thank God each and every day that things are going so well.  Less than 4 months and Baby Girl Kuenzel will be here!  Stay tuned!


Heather Adams said...

Ahhhh! So excited for you! I don't think I knew it was a girl! Or maybe I did... If I did I didn't remember! LOL So glad everything's going great for you! And you look so cute pregnant! I can definitely see your little belly now! :)

Stacia Brandt said...

Your belly popped!!! Yay :) I sit here a little teary for you knowing what you are feeling and knowing I won't feel those things again....So, happy for you, sad for me!LOL I can't wait to "meet" the little lady

Ashley Horton said...

Loving your photos, Andrea!! Can't wait to see some of baby girl!! 😄