Sunday, July 13, 2014

18 weeks ... Time is flying by!

We have now made it to 18 weeks which is an awesome feeling and crazy to think that in two weeks we will already be half way done with the pregnancy!  Time is really flying by.  I am so thankful that I have been feeling so well or I am sure it wouldn't feel like it is going by so fast.  I sure do hope that when the baby comes that time slows down a bit though!  :)

There is a lot of news to report in the baby department from the last two weeks!  I have spent a lot of time reading a book called "Baby Bargains" that I got from my sister.  After reading this book and doing some other research of my own, Ryan and I have made decisions on a car seat, stroller, pack and play, high chair, and crib mattress -- all those big ticket items!  The book is really helpful and has also given me a lot of insight into diapers, maternity clothes, bedding etc.  Basically, don't spend the big money if it is not necessary!  I am fine with that.  Much of buying baby items is a huge gimmick -- I am not falling for it!

During week 17 I did the maternal chromosomal screening.  The blood test screens my blood for the likelihood that the baby would have any chromosomal abnormalities such as Down Syndrome or Trisomy 18.  The results were normal meaning that the likelihood that baby has a chromosomal disorder is very, very low.  I was quite nervous, but after hearing the results our minds were put at ease, even though we know there are no guarentees. 

So the big news... we found daycare!!  This is what I have been concerned about since we got pregnant.  There are about 40 daycare providers in the Belle Plaine area and my goodness, it was TOUGH to find daycare.  I think our biggest problem was the hours that we needed daycare.  Many are only open 7-5 which doesn't really help the people who work longer hours than that or have commute time.  We found one last week and she definitely put our feelings at ease.  Her name is Cristi and she was wonderful.  She runs a small home daycare and has a son that is the same age as my niece, Alaina.  We were very impressed with everything she had to offer and we were able to meet her son and husband as well.  I have been very surprised and frustrated with many of the judgmental comments that I received while on my quest for daycare.  Sending our child to daycare will not make Ryan and I bad parents.  Will it be hard?  Of course!  The time that we do spend with our child will be extremely valuable.  Everyone does what is best for their own family and shouldn't have to feel guilty for sending their child to daycare or not.  Rant over.  :)

We also have our names picked out!  One girl name and one boy name and both middle names are picked out as well.  This wasn't a hard decision for us at all.  My niece Bailey is just dyyyyyying to know what the names are.  I told her that if she can guess what it is, I will tell her, but she can't tell anyone else.  So far she has been unsuccessful!  :)

Size of baby: a bell pepper

Movement: Nothing yet, but 4th of July weekend I was having a lot of ligament stretching.  I attributed it to playing bags all day! 

Sleep: Still good!

What I miss:  Not being so absentminded!

Cravings: Still nothing I can really pinpoint.

Symptoms: Emotional and absentminded.  Can I say it again?  Emotional and absentminded.  Here is a story that contains them both.  Last night Ryan and I were making supper.  He went out to start the grill and I was working on peeling the potatoes.  Right before he walked in the patio door I started crying and as he walked in I weeped, "But I didn't mean to peel the potatoes!"  It is true, we weren't planning on having peeled potatoes, but somehow in the 1 minute after we had talked about that, I forgot.  And really, crying over peeled potatoes?  Wow, this is going to be an interesting last 5 months for Ryan!  :)

Maternity Clothes: None yet, but I am doing the rubber band trick with my jean shorts and my scrubs get tighter every week.

Best moment this week:  My husband.  I honestly don't know what I would do without him.  I read an article (and out loud to him) titled, "20 things no one tells you about Postpartum."  It scared me and worried me and I got a little emotional (see above).  He consoled me and told me everything would be okay and he would be there to help me the whole way.  I have also been asking him for the past 10 weeks or so if he thinks the baby is a boy or a girl and he would never say one way or the other.  I asked him yesterday and he said, "I think he has a weiner."  :)  Of course it made me giggle and it was neat to know that he thinks it may be a boy!  I on the other hand still have no clue or inklings.  I've had no dreams or anything and when people ask me I can never come up with an answer.  I just want a baby.  I just want my baby. :)

That is all for now!  Stay tuned!  If you have been keeping up with the posts you know that we will be finding out the sex of the baby on my birthday!! :)  

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Ashley Horton said...

So glad you are doing well, Andrea!! Your sweet baby will be here before you know it!!