Sunday, June 29, 2014

Food baby... or Baby?! ... Week 16

On Saturday we officially hit week 16 (which I was able to spend talking to two other pregnant mommies which was helpful to hear what they were feeling as well)!  Things are coming along so smoothly which is such a relief.  Many times I forget that I even have a baby growing inside me!  Often times, other people are the ones reminding me about it, which gives me a little excited feeling in my heart.  

This week I had my monthly OB appointment at the new Women's Center at Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital.  It opened about a month ago and it is absolutely beautiful!  When you come out of the elevators onto the 5th floor it just opens up to a wall of windows and you can look out into the twin cities.  Very cool!  Even cooler?  I will be delivering at Methodist Hospital in their new Family Birth Center that is only 3 months old.  We are very excited to tour it!

My appointment was absolutely wonderful.  The doctor said baby is progressing well and I was able to hear Baby Kuenzel's heartbeat for the first time.  I have been waiting to hear a heartbeat since my last pregnancy and boy, it was worth the wait!  What a wonderful sound and a perfect feeling!  This time I think I was smiling more than anything, but a tear did roll down my cheek.  It was proof to me that my baby was still okay in there!  I was able to record it and when Ryan came home from work, I let him listen.  He loved it too!

We scheduled our 20 week ultrasound for the day of my birthday.  My birthday present will be seeing Baby Kuenzel and yes, we will be finding out if he or she ... is a he or a she!  Well, we hope to anyways.  We all know that it doesn't always work!  Maybe if you're nice we will tell you what we find out! :) 

Week 16 Pregnancy Stats:

Size of baby: an avocado

Movement: movement?  I don't feel anything!  I really hope to soon though!

Sleep: Great, but not enough!

What I miss: Not worrying about if my normal clothes fit or not

Cravings: Lots of people have asked me this.  I don't think I have specific cravings as much as I think of something or see something and I HAVE to have it!  This has happened many times:  cheez-its, skittles, spaghetti, Noodles & Co., Champs fries and seasoned sour cream, ice cream cone, Deli chicken dinner from Coborns, and pizza.  Most recently we had to make a  trip to MOA to go to Bubba Gumps so that I could get the jumbalya! :)  The list goes on and on. 

Symptoms: Headaches, although they have gotten a little better, so I am thankful!  I can tell a little ligament stretching is definitely going on.

Maternity Clothes: None yet, but I haven't put on a pair of jeans for over a month.  Clothes are starting to get snugger, but I don't really feel that pregnant, just fat.  My scrub tops are definitely giving me the most trouble. I started using the rubberband trick on my jean shorts this weekend thanks to my sister. :)

Best moment this week:  While I was at work this week I got a text from Ryan that said he couldn't wait for the pregnancy to be over because 6 months was just too long to wait to see the baby.  He wants it to be now.  It really melted my heart.  Every once in a while he makes comments like that that let me know that he has been longing for this baby just as much as me.  It's a wonderful feeling and he is going to be such an amazing daddy.

Beware: this could just be a food baby, I did have Bubba Gumps the night before! :) 

With each day and each week that passes by, we talk about thankful we are that everything is going well.  We pray for this baby and pregnancy each and every day and appreciate your prayers as well.  Many people are saying that it probably won't be long and I will be feeling Baby Kuenzel kick -- I can't wait!!  Stay tuned! :)

Oh and I've had quite a few people ask me already... Yes, I have started a pregnancy scrapbook album already! Are you surprised? :) 


Missy Whidden said...

What a great update, Andrea! I can hear the excitement in your words...I am beyond happy for you!! Hearing the heartbeat is the coolest thing ever...and so reassuring. The next month will go by fast and then you'll hopefully find out the sex! Can't wait to hear!

Stacia Brandt said...

Yay!!! Can't wait to hear whether it will be pink or blue!!! It is so exciting :) I am sort of / almost jealous.... I loved being pregnant Can't wait to see your scrapbook pages!!

Laurie said...

What a wonderful job you are doing on describing and keeping track of your pregnancy. Love, love, love the chalkboard! I pray that you have an easy pregnancy, and that for Ryan's sake, the next six months go by fast!

Ashley Horton said...

So exciting Andrea!! Can't wait until you find out if it's a boy or a girl!! :)