Sunday, December 14, 2014

40 weeks

Well, we have made it past 40 weeks!  Yesterday, 12/13/14 was our due date and Baby Girl did not feel the need to show up!  We think she is taking after her Auntie and taking her sweet time!  :) 

Overall, I am feeling pretty good.  Not going to lie though... I am getting uncomfortable.  Because of my blood pressure issues last week, I had two appointments this week.  On Monday I had an appointment with just my physician and didn't have to do an NST or labs.  My blood pressure was still fairly high, but not as high as it had been last Thursday.  Before she checked me she talking about stripping my membranes if I was dilated over 1cm.  No such luck!  I was 75% effaced, but still not dilated over 1cm. 

On Thursday I had another appointment.  I woke up Thursday morning with a headache and it didn't go away for a couple of hours.  I didn't have any other symptoms, so I didn't call in.  Before my appointment with my physician I had another non-stress test.  My blood pressure was still running a little high.  I went to my appointment with my physician and the first thing that she told me is that I am having contractions every 3 minutes!  What?!  No clue.  Apparently they are secret contractions because I don't feel them!  She said it looked just like I was in labor, but if I was the nurses probably would have told her!  The plan again was to strip my membranes if I was over 1cm dilated, but again, I wasn't.  By the end of my appointment my physician decided it was best to take me out of work.  Her exact words, "Start your maternity leave!"  What!?  I don't even have a baby to cuddle with!  I know it is best for me though.  After my appointment I had labs drawn which were all normal.  My doctor was hoping that I would go into labor this weekend.  Well, it is 7:30 on Sunday night and no such luck!  She will arrive when she pleases!

So here we are, not so patiently waiting for her to arrive! It is safe to say that we have tried many things to try and make her come, but nothing has worked so far!  I've been doing squats, we went for a mile long walk yesterday, we've done the same thing that got her in there, and last night we went to Bdubs for spicy wings.  Apparently I have made a good home for her! 

When I've told people that I have to stay home from work they made comments like, "You can get all of baby's stuff ready!"   "You can clean your house!"  "You can go Christmas shopping!"  "You can make Christmas treats!"  Seriously.  This is all done.  Do you know me not at all?  On Friday I completed my pregnancy scrapbook, laundry, and cleaned up the house some more.  Even though I had already done some holiday baking, this weekend I made peanut butter balls, ritz peanut butter cookies, and another batch of rolo pretzels.  We went to the church Christmas program this morning, played some Wii, took a nap, and I even wrapped my sister-in-law's Christmas presents.  Not because she asked me, but because I need stuff to do!!  If you know me at all, you know that I always need something to do.  Right now it is in overdrive.  I hope I don't have to go the entire week just waiting or I may go stir crazy! 

We have another appointment tomorrow and Ryan is going to come with.  We will see what happens!  We are hoping that she arrives soon!  We are getting so excited to meet her, but with each passing day we know it is going to be SO worth the wait when we can hold her in our arms.  Pray for a safe and healthy labor and delivery and a healthy baby girl.  Thank you!  Stay tuned!

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Stacia Brandt said...

Can't wait to see pictures of her!! Hopefully she comes soon!!!