Friday, April 26, 2013

Scrap Your Story - Fling before the Ring

I'm back! What is the challenge this week at Scrap Your Story, you ask? JOURNALING! At least 2 sentences of journaling. Usually, that is no problem for me. When I started scrapbooking how many years back.. I was only 13. Journaling? No. Writing under a picture saying who the person was? Yep.

Rewind 5 years ago. Journaling? Still no. I wouldn't even think to put my thoughts and feelings down on my layouts. I didn't think it was needed. Today. YES YES YES. I even wish that I would journal on my pages more than I do now. I usually have about 2 sentences or so and get the "jist" written down, but sometimes I feel like I am not even telling enough. Yes, there are the pictures to help tell the story, but I want to know that someday I will have the whole story. Am I the only one who feels like this?

I also tend to say a lot of my "true feelings" in my journaling that I may not say to someone's face... or at least not often enough. I really do want those people to know how I feel. :)

On to my layout... There is nothing special about this layout as it is just documenting a bachelorette party. I do have to say though.... This layout is the first time in a LONG time that I actually ripped up something and started over! The white background paper is totally different than it started. I had misted on it as well and it just didn't "go," so I started over with a new piece.

Surprisingly, I have been having a hard time working with Amy Tan's Yes, Please line. Not the embellishments.. but the papers. I feel like there are too many weird pinks, oranges, and blue/greens that just don't always fit together right. I have never felt that way about any of her lines! It is probably just me. 

I used the Amy Tan stitching templates again, which I love! Thanks for looking and be sure to play along with the challenge this week at Scrap Your Story! :) 


Jessica said...

I've been trying to take my journaling up a notch lately. Having studied journalism for so long and trying to remove "me" from my writing sometimes it's a little difficult to include my opinion about what happened and not just report the facts. I'm getting there.

Love the embellies on this one. So fun!

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Oh wow I love this!!!

Val Thorpe said...

This is such layout. I really pored over it. So many details and the journalling in the turqoise is such a nice touch.

Ashley Horton said...

Really cute Andrea!! Love the design of your page, and the cute stitched stars!! And perfect way to add in your journaling on this page!