Monday, February 18, 2013

Cozumel Day Book!

I bought two Amy Tan day books this past summer and never got around to using them for anything. I decided one of them would be perfect to use for our honeymoon to Cozumel! It was actually a lot of fun to make this. It took me one evening of working on it for a couple hours and then a couple more hours after another day!

I still had bits and pieces left of the very first Amy Tan collection that I was able to use in this. The photos of the book aren't that great. Turns out it is really hard to photograph this kind of book! It is all chunky and none of the pages sit flat... but I think that is what is so fun about these kinds of books!

The Cover!

If you look to the left, you can see that it came with a little insert of heart stickers!

There were just so many fun pages to it! 

I didn't know what to do with the two vellum pages in the book, so I just left them. 

I snuck in some hidden journaling. 

I loved the little insert that had the boy and girl on them so I put letter stickers for "Ryan" and "Andrea" on them! 

I didn't put anything in that little envelope. If I would have, it would have been impossible to get it in there!

So I just put a pic on the back of it instead. 

I liked the idea of having things go off the pages, so I did that quite a bit. 

Of course I had to tell the story of how sick I got on our honeymoon. 

Thanks for looking! I hope it inspired you to use up those Day Books or any sort of mini book! 


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This is beautiful!! LOVING all the photos!!

Ashley Horton said...

Really awesome Andrea!! Love everything you did with the Day Book!! I bought one too this past Summer, and still haven't used it. I am hoping I can use it for the next time we ever take a trip! :)

Stacia Brandt said...

I've never heard of these books! What a great memory of your honeymoon! I love everything you did with this :)

Ashley Spiller said...

Sorry you got sick on your honeymoon. I love the book. You did a great job. I have one of these in my paper case and I had no Idea how to use it but I might just bring it on my honeymoon this August. :)