Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wedding Photo Decor and Currently

Today I want to share my living room wall that Ryan and I made. It really didn't take a lot of work. All I had to do was pick out the photos and sizes that I wanted to use and find frames to fit them. I got an awesome deal at Michael's on all of them! They have 40% off frames about every two weeks. I searched and searched on the internet for that exact vinyl saying, and finally found it! I love how it turned out! A great way to display our wedding photos.

Then I decided to do the "currently" feature that i found on Amy Tan's blog. It is just a fun little thing to show what is going on with me right now :) 

Digging: My new scrapbook loot from Archiver's 
Drinking: water
Eating: Just had a sanwhich and carrots
Listening: Nothing :)
Wearing: purple Victoria's Secret pajama pants and t-shirt 
Reading: The Green Mile... I'm still not getting into it.  I need a new amazing book. Any recommendations?
Feeling: overwhelmed, but happy
Weather: Cold, 12 degrees F, but sunny 
Wanting: to be able to save my money better
Needing: to relax, I am very bad at it. Too "go, go, go" type
Wishing: I could spend more time with my niece
Thinking:I am excited to scrapbook today
Enjoying: being married to Ryan
Loving: My family 

Thanks! Hopefully I will be back later today with a new LO to share! 


Kelly Foster said...

Andrea, that wall display looks soooo beautiful, well done!!

Stacia Brandt said...

Love the wall!! And if you haven't read anything James Patterson, pick something up. They are "easy reads". It's very easy to get sucked into one :) I just read Swimsuit and The Lake House...they are older ones, but really good