Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"I'm Yours"

Another LO using our engagement pictures taken back in October. I have wanted to do something with our engagement pictures at our wedding reception when you walk in, but didn't quite know what I wanted. I had been thinking along the lines of stringing them on a banner with hearts or something in between. Today I came up with an even better idea -- kind of got the idea from some of the booths at CHA. Why not use the engagement picture LOs that I have made and hang them on a string with clothespins and string them above the guest book etc table?! I am totally doing that. Otherwise they would have just been in a Ryan & Andrea scrapbook that will be sitting on that same table also, but this way it is a good way to showcase the engagement pictures! Have a wonderful day!


Moongirl said...

Oh, I have the perfect idea for you! For TRW we got an 8x8, blank page scrapbook and I put 4x4 engagement photos, held in with corner brackets, in the front of the book and people signed around them. I also put empty brackets in the back of the book and instructed the sign in person to have people sign the blank pages and we added wedding photos later. That way you have a guest book wit memories that people want to look at. I will get you a photo later. It is in TRW album of fb though.

Moongirl said...

Oh, and I love your LO! I used that title in TRW album, it's a great one. I love that you turned your photo into a banner! Brilliant!

KellyF said...

Great idea, Andrea! And a lovely layout you've got here, too!