Tuesday, January 20, 2015

One Month Old!

On Saturday, Amelia turned one month old.  It is still hard to believe how much time is flying by.  It seems like it was just yesterday that we were waiting for her to arrive.  Now she is over one month old.  Time slow down, please!

As overwhelming as the first month with a newborn can be, it has also been so great.  Amelia has done so much in her short little life and she has been such a good baby throughout all of it.  To start out she battled 4 days jaundice and wearing a bili-blanket.  She attended 6 Christmas celebrations (and missed two).  She had her first sleepover at one week old.  She had countless visitors come to see her at our house.  Thank you so much to those who visited us, brought us food, and gifts.  Your support is so much appreciated.  She has been shopping at the mall, Kohl's, Carter's, Menard's, and Target 4 times.  She visited Santa.  She has been to three doctor's visits and she has attended church twice.  She has been out to eat 5 times.  Today she went to Park Nicollet to meet my great coworkers.  She is a very happy baby and we are loving every minute with her!

Here are Amelia's one month photos:

Nana gave me the monthly stickers that we are going to use and I am going to put her on the quilt made by Nana each month.  Apparently she looks like Ryan? :)  I think she is adorable!  (I may be biased).

One Month Appointment stats:

Height: 23 inches, 98th percentile (we have a tall baby!)
Weight: 9.8lbs, 50th percentile (totally average!)
Head circumference: 14.5inches (average)

Her appointment today went great.  She is growing very well and the doctor states that developmentally she is fairly above average.  The past few days she has really started grabbing and hanging on to everything in her play gym and she is turning her head from side to side and tracking us.  She can hold her head up for quite a long period of time and she loves when we read books to her!  I am already starting to memorize her books! 

As for me, I am doing very well.  The first week was the hardest in which I cried everyday.  Since then I have only cried periodically and usually it is because I am so happy or I just have overwhelming feelings of love for Amelia and Ryan too.  I am feeling well.  I gained 22 pounds in my pregnancy and one week post delivery I was 2 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight and now I am 10 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight.  I honestly eat all the time though.  Breastfeeding makes you so hungry! I am tired, that is for sure.  I really can't complain much though.  She only wakes once during the night.

This month truly has been great from the moment she was born.  I'll never forget the feeling holding her in my arms for the first time.  My heart burst with love.  My heart bursts every time she looks into my eyes while I nurse her, every time I get one of her new smiles that she has been giving, and every time she wraps her fingers around one of mine.  Not to mention every time she digs her face into my chest and every time I look at her sleeping in my arms.  I can't get enough of her. 

And ya know what else?  I never knew how much I more I would love my husband until I saw how much he loves our baby girl.  Now that makes my heart shatter.  Every time he looks down at Amelia with such a proud face, every time I hear him call her sweet pea, every time I watch him feed her, and every time that I look at the two of them sleeping together in the chair, her cuddled into his chest.  Our relationship is so strong and although our time is spent so differently than it was before, our love for each other has grown.  Now every night consists of putting Amelia into the bed next to us and rolling over and cuddling with each other while we giggle and listen to her make silly noises (or cry, ha!).   He is such a wonderful father.  

I am tired, I feel like a milk machine sometimes, and things can be very overwhelming at times.  You know what?  It is so worth it.  Waking up in the middle of the night and staring at her cuteness while I nurse her and the rest of the world sleeps.  It is worth it.  I cried the day she turned 5 days old and tomorrow she turns 5 weeks old.  I will probably cry.  It broke my heart the day I realized she was no longer going to fit into her newborn clothes and the days of newborn diapers were gone.  But although those times are hard and she is growing by leaps and bounds, she is growing and she is healthy.  I just need to savor each day because her newborn days are numbered.   I'm so lucky to be her mommy. 

Here are some photos since my last update.  

I love snuggle time with mommy in the morning.  

Happy dreams in mommy's arms.  

Happy girl! Like my shirt?  

Tummy time is tiring! 

Daddy is trying to get me to walk already?! 

I love my mommy! 

Look at me! 

Just studying my Nana!  

I just love to cuddle in with my Papa.  He can't get enough of me.  

Daddy loves to give me a bottle.  I am a pro at it! 

My first time at church.  I slept through it!  

Grandma Rose came to visit me! 

I have baby acne.  Bummer.  

I love my grandpas! 

Mommy tried to tuck my arms in.  What was she thinking?! 

Like my kitty outfit?  

This is my favorite place to be.  

Mommy likes to take pictures of me.  Obviously.  

We snuggled all afternoon!  

Time in my play gym and reading books makes me so happy! 

Mommy was taking too many pictures.... 

She tried again later.  Then the kitty started tickling me with his tail!  

I'm not sure what to think about that.  

Playing in my gym with daddy!  

First time in my bumbo chair!  I can hold my head up pretty well, but I am not totally ready for this yet.  

I promise I won't watch as much TV as daddy does.  

I am happy tonight! 

Love from daddy before he heads to work.  

I gave mommy some big smiles and then I had a huge diaper blow out.  She didn't know what was coming! 

This is what we do best.  



Ashley Horton said...

She is so sweet Andrea! I love the photos you've captured of her cute little smiles!!

Heather Adams said...

I can't believe she is already a month old! That's CRAZY! I feel like it was just yesterday when you and Ryan got married! Little Amelia is adorable. And yeah- I think she looks like Ryan! Although some of those pics I see you in her too. You already have a bazillion photos to scrap of her! :) Love it!