Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Purge Kit Challenge Layouts!

The following LOs are the LOs I have done so far for the Purge Kit challenge! The OA LO is the kit I sent to Heather and the rest are the kit from Heather!
I just love this LO! I love the cute handmade elements she sent me, such as the cute peppermint candy!

I had a lot of fun with this one also! I thought the banner was a nice touch. 

Lots of October Afternoon on this LO

This LO I also did for the October Scraplift challenge at ClubCK. I scraplifted one of AshleyH's Los! I love how it turned out! 

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Ashley Horton said...

WooHoo you are a busy bee!! I LOVE all of these and you're knocking out some Christmas layouts!! Awesome job lifting my "crabby" page!! :) Totally adorable! I am still trying to figure out who to lift...and hoping I have time if everybody can stay well for more than 5 seconds!!